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01:54am 12/08/2006
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The Moon....   
07:38pm 12/02/2006
  Okay easy one for people to work out what it is...

The Moon!Collapse )
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I give you the planets and the stars....   
11:59pm 31/01/2006
mood: tired
What do you get if you add one of these...

To one of these...


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Cool huh?

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I want a Tiger!   
04:10pm 16/09/2005
  Ohh just finished reading a huge Calvin and Hobbes book (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Authoritative_Calvin_and_Hobbes.png)

I want a Tiger as an real/imagine best friend!!!

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Thanks guys...   
12:59am 12/09/2005
mood: bouncy
Cheers for all your great comments. Me and Kim are really happy...

In response to agnetha here a few pics of the Holiday and of Venice...

The route was FYI...

Geneva --> Interlaken --> Lake Como --> Verona --> Venice --> Lake Garda --> Asota --> Geneva

Click here for PicsCollapse )

Take Care

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Small Update   
12:54am 05/09/2005
  Okay where have I been for the last year and a bit....?

Well put simply starting to share my life with a wonderful woman called Kim.

Anyway things have progressed and on the 14th of August I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me!

..and she said YES!!!

The location helped (beside the Grand Canal in Venice) :)

Anyway got to go and plan stuff...

Balders aka Chris
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Ho hum....   
10:40pm 24/08/2004
mood: sad
Ho hum...

A fox manages to get into my back yard and kill my pet rabbit Gertrude on Thursday night. (Known to several of you as gertruderabbit)

Friday, I was upset and got £40 out of the cash machine. Then go away leaving the money in the cash machine slot...
Saturday decided to cheer up with some shopping, went to the camping shop and got a parking ticket...
..then left the quid coin in the shopping trolley at Morrisons...

God how much bad luck? I've decided to empty my bank account, get it in fivers and spread it to the four winds from Beacon Hill. It'll be quicker...

This week WILL be better...

Miss Gerty lots. Keep looking out the back window expecting to see her come bounding out from her hutch.
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05:56pm 16/07/2004
mood: happy

Why have I been away from LJ for so long...?
Well I've been enjoying myself.

About 5 weeks ago I met a lovely women called Kim (in a goth night where else). Since then I've been, quite frankly, spending time away from computers enjoying life...

...except at work...

Now with work I've moved departments. My desk is now in a more exposed area so long periods on LJ or MSN will be noticed... (all yell Boo)

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my birthday presents a dragon called Errol (who is remote controlled, how cool is that!!!)

I'm now off to a Graduation Ball...


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Party Recipes   
06:21pm 05/07/2004
mood: happy
At my last party people kept asking for the recipes for my dip and my cocktail. Well here they are...

Recipe x2Collapse )

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10:32am 25/06/2004
mood: blah
Bad luck England footie team.

It's now time to cheer for Henman until he gets knocked out in the Quarter Finals

BTW if anyone is interested the website of a certain Swiss referee can be found here

However it's being quite slow today for some reason...


PS Dr. Zoidberg RULEZ!!!
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11:26am 23/06/2004
  Warhammer Online the MMORPG has been cancelled!!!

Damn was looking forward to that...

Anyway I'm having a great time with my new lady friend so it's keeping me away from LJ. That and a department change in work which means I'm now in a department with not as "relaxed" surfing rules..

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Name that beard....   
05:16pm 18/06/2004

BTW who ordered the rain with a side order of showers? It got delivered to me in Leicester by mistake...

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05:06pm 16/06/2004
  The BBC online have decided to publish a cheats guide to Ulysses by James Joyce

What is also interesting is the first comment to the publishing of the guide is by one Mr Stephen Fry. To quote him...

Comments of Mr FryCollapse )

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Things that worry me...   
04:28pm 14/06/2004
mood: scared
Well the one thing that worries me... more than anything else...

Basically our reliance on fossil fuel...

Look around. Plastic. Probably derived from fossil fuel...

Electricity derived still from fossil fuels.

Cars... enough said...

Bio diesel? Well we do not have enough growing space to provide our own requirements....

Even great ideas using Fuelcells http://www.gm.com/company/gmability/adv_tech/400_fcv/ You need to create the Hydrogen first which requires a lot of power...

People are going to realise that soon we are going to be living in a world with wind farms everywhere and loads of nuclear (yes nuclear) power stations.

Ho hum unless someone else has knowledge of a decent way to save mankind?

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Broken on the wheel eh?   
10:23pm 09/06/2004
Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

brought to you by Quizilla
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Happy Birthday!!!   
05:16pm 06/06/2004
  To nyarbaggytep!!!!!  
So what have I been up to...   
11:38pm 02/06/2004
mood: content
I've played in a cricket match that we won (pics below, extra point for anyone who can spot me in the photos. I'm the one with the weird taste in cricket whites)

I've now suffered for 5 days with pulled hamstrings from the cricket match. Only now beginning to recover. Ow ow ow ow....

I was on call for the bank holiday so missed out on a lot of fun..

Just saw the Harry Potter film (well worth the trip, better than the second film). My only beef is they do not explain the origin in the map which explains a few bits of the sub-plot...

...and on Friday I can start drinking again!!! HURRAH!!!

10 Cricket related picsCollapse )


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Bill Bailey   
11:32pm 25/05/2004
mood: enthralled
My in depth, point by point Bill Bailey review "Part Troll"...

Click here...Collapse )
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Take the Rough with the Smooth...   
11:09pm 24/05/2004
  Bad Thing
  • Had to take gertruderabbit to the vet

  • Good Thing
  • She's fine!

  • Bad Thing
  • ..but I had to give her A BATH!!!

  • Good Thing
  • My friend who'd been to Germany came back with a bottle of Pitu for me

  • Bad Thing
  • I still cannot drink it yet

  • Good Thing
  • Next month I can & it's my Birthday

  • Some pundits tossers want to legalise torture. NO NO NO NO!
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    Saturday Night Review...., Basically Pants (Crap Y-Fronts at that)   
    03:24am 23/05/2004
    mood: bored
    Started well. Went to Gym. Then started going downhill...

    Went to the Tube Bar...
    That is a nightclub you should only go to if you are drinking (which I'm not)...
    After 20 mins of crap music I lost the will to live.

    Texted a few people explaining the situation asking for assistance to keep me alive and not bored. I managed to get the following information from the replies.. (Thanks to all those LJ'ers who supplied the texts)
  • My boss has bought an I-Pod

  • There are tunnels under the M5 for badgers to cross safely

  • Lobsters hearts are in their heads & Starfish have no brains

  • My friend lethario is wearing black tie

  • Old biddies at Golf Club discos dance shite

  • These kept me going enough to get to Mosh nightclub with another friend... (she wanted to pull there)
    Mosh has better music, friendly people but everyone seemed to be about 12 that night... **sigh**

    Lessons learnt...
  • Do not always follow other peoples advice when it comes to nightclubs

  • Stand up for your right to go to dodgy goth or rock night even if the music has been the same for the last 6 years

  • So how was everyone else's night? Anyone still up?

    Worst still I'm on call so will not be able to leave the Leicester Area tomorrow. Anyone who is staying in Lex on Sunday fancy a picnic/trip to Bradgate Park?
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