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Party Recipes

At my last party people kept asking for the recipes for my dip and my cocktail. Well here they are...

Cate’s Special Curried Lentil Dip

1 Med Onion, Diced
4tbs Vegetable Oil
2 Cloves Garlic crushed
1 Red Thai chilli, slit up the middle, but not as far as the green stalk bit
150g Red Lentils
1.5 pints stock (pref. mushroom, but vegetable will do)
1tsp Cumin Seeds
1tsp Black Mustard Seeds
1tsp ground Cumin
2dsp Crème Fraishe (or vegan equivalent)
1tbs Fresh Coriander

Fry diced onion in 2tbs of the oil until dark brown and caramelised. Keep stirring and should be on a low heat so they are even (10 mins). Remove from pan and set to drain on kitchen paper.
Put the other 2tbs of oil in pan and add chilli and spices. Fry until chilli starts to turn brown. Mustard seeds will start to pop (so a lid may be handy). Add garlic and cook it for 1-2 minutes. Be careful garlic burns easily. Once the garlic is cooked add in the lentils and stir until all the spices are mixed in.
Add stock, stir and cover and cook for 25 mins, stirring every 5-10 minutes. (non stick pans are best).
When the lentils are cooked the mixture should resemble, well, sick, if I’m honest. If it is too much liquid remove lid and cook for another 10 minutes. Remove the chilli at this time.
Once you have a dip like consistency, remove from heat, stir in crème fraishe (or substitute). Add onions and stir. Add salt and pepper. Garnish with the coriander.

Eating tip: this is perfect with mini nan breads/pitta breads. Provide you guests with small bowls to spoon this into and pig out on.

Chris’ Caipirinha

Pitu Rum. Get is from any German Off License, any speciality Off License or online (try If you have problems getting hold of Pitu you need a sugar based white Rum, South American preferably.
A pestle to crush things down (it should normally come free with the Pitu)
A 40cl (approx) glass
1 lime
3 tsp (heaped if you have a sweet tooth) of unrefined brown sugar (Light muscovado is what I use)
Loads of crushed ice (Ikea do a cocktail ice crusher for a tenner)
Lime cordial
Straw(s) (very important)
A long handled spoon. (desert or tea spoon is fine anything that can get to the bottom of the glass)

Take the lime. Top and tail it then cut it into 8 pieces. Drop into the glass.
Put the sugar in on top.
Take the pestle and start crushing. You need to end up with the lime pieces mangled pretty well and the sugar dissolved into the lime juice produced.
Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice.
I cheat here put in a tiny (half a shot) drop of lime cordial on top of the ice just to give it an even more limey kick.
Pour on a very generous measure of the rum. Filling the holes in between the ice pieces and filling the glass to the brim. (YUM)
Take your long spoon put into the glass. Cover glass with your hand to prevent splashing. Agitate the contents. You want to make the layers of ingredients less defined but you do not want to mix them so the contents are uniform.
Insert straws and enjoy.

Drinking tip: Keep the straw near the bottom of the glass. You want to pull the Rum down through the ice and sugar and limes before you drink it. Drinking from the glass direct or from a straw at the top is not advised (mainly because you do not get the full taste)



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