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Thanks guys...

Cheers for all your great comments. Me and Kim are really happy...

In response to agnetha here a few pics of the Holiday and of Venice...

The route was FYI...

Geneva --> Interlaken --> Lake Como --> Verona --> Venice --> Lake Garda --> Asota --> Geneva

Interlaken in Switzerland looking towards the North face of the Eiger Mountain

...and what do those crazy Swiss do... build a restaurant with underground railway to it on top of the mountain!!!!
zoomed in on last picture

Looking down on a glacier

Family meal (L --> R) Kim, Me, Conar, Sheehan

Opera in Verona. La Bohème

Venice the City of outstanding architecture!

See what I mean?

This is about an hour after I proposed to Kim. Already celebrating and the champagne is drunk!

Kim in St. Mark's Square that night...

The view on the night boat on the way back to the Hotel.

Another night shot...

Us at the place I proposed to Kim (with both of our rings)
Funny story you see Kim also had a ring. She'd decided to propose to me at midnight but I proposed at 10.30. Of course neither of us knew that the other had a ring...

For some reason the graffiti artists in Venice like Liverpool???

Kim in front of Mount Blanc

Take Care


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